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Experience on Haemorrhoidectomy & Rectal Perineal repair surgery

  I figured this would be pretty helpful for people wanting to do this procedure / have done it & want to know if what they are experiencing post surgery is normal?

There are many stages for Hemorrhoid sufferers. 3rd stage onward where you have prolapse hemorrhoids  with bleeding involve usually will be prescribed by a Colorectal surgeon to remove it via PPH.  ( the latest method of hemorrhoid removal)

Being unfamiliar with surgeries or things to ask, i fully trusted my doctor/ surgeon 110% on what he will be doing. So i basically had no questions at all. (plus i did google what are the post surgery effect after it )  All stated i would have slight discomfort but will be given painkillers so not to worries & will take 7-10 days for the wound to heal.

Sounds like a minor surgery.

An few hours before surgery, a blood test was done, then i awaited in my ward which i checked in that morning. Doctor wanted to see me 30 mins before surgery but i was already in my surgical gown, so i proceeded on to his clinic in that gown. He asked me if i have any questions before the surgery, I couldn't think of one, so i just said " nope". He told me he would access the situation during the surgery to see what method of removal he would use.Normally he combines conventional
Laser cut method  & PPH for the internal hemorrhoids.  ( Side note : I had Piles  + hemorrhoid + prolapse rectum) Some people may not have the exact condition that I may have ( I will explain why later )

After meething him, i went back to my ward bed and sat around, then nurses came in and ask me to lie down as they would need to pump liquid into my anus to make me clear my bowels from feces.


i was told to hold the liquid in as long as i could, but after 5 mins, my lower abdomen began to hurt, SO BAD!!!! that i thought i was gonna have a DIARHOA!

I rushed to the toilet and was sweating and i was releasing the liquid like a flamethrower with that came some feces at the later part after my legs have gone weak and i have turned pale. My prolapse rectum decided to say HI and stick out of my anus,  so i thought i should leave it hanging  there to let the surgeon see later on in the Operating Room.

feeling weakened & drained from the  " diaarhoa" I went back to bed to lie down. Nurses then wheeled my whole bed to the PACU unit ( post anaesthesia care unit), to prep me for anesthetic. In there i was inserted the tube into my veins, anaesthetician had to poke the side of my wrist to let some blood flow out to find the vein on the back of my hand. ( He says my veins are too tiny, i offered him my stronger hand - which is my left, but he says if i insert into that hand, you wont be able to write)

Ok that done, I was being wheeled in my bed into the operating room ( My thoughts : woW so bright !!! so white!! so clean!!! what an opportunity to be able to see this room)

Inside the room , there were more people. I saw the stainless steel table, the cold cold table which at that time feels not tempting to switch to from the bed.

Reluctantly, i went on that cold table, instantly i started shivering, so they gave me a blanket & a hot tube of air which they tuck the tube under my blanket.

Then they said " ok time to sleep" &  injected the anesthetic into my hand, a cold liquid into your veins, running under your skin.

Instantly all turned black!

Somewhere along that black out I was dreaming. I have no memory of what it was about but I was pretty certain i was frightened and it wasn't a sweet dream.

I awoke 1hr ++ after surgery in the PACU unit during some part of that frightening dream, feeeling scared/ lost/  crying / my whole body muscles was shaking, i could not control my body. I hear my own voice in my head asking myself what happened ? where am I? Is it over? I feel I just lost something important/ My butt? my butt feels light/ is it still there? Did they cut my butt?

I hear an annoying BEEPING sound going mad,that annoying beeping sound, what is that? I have a heart rate monitor? THATS MY HEART BEAT?   i realized I was having an oxygen mask on my face, what is going on? To tell the truth, I couldn't talk but i could hear my voice talking in my head.

Nurses all rushed to my side to see what was going on with me as the beeping was alarming them.
They saw I had opened my eyes, but 100% i was still feeling very lost seeing so many faces around me and above me. I was not ok, i was still not able to control my shaking body muscles shivering until my teeth shook! I keep telling myself to calm down, nurses keep telling me its alright, its over.
I just wanted to tell them I'm cold! amidst feeling very drowsy and still not sure where am I.

 When i was no longer shaking and calmed down, they wheeled me back to my ward where my parents were.  Still drowsy I was fighting to keep awake, when i reached the ward, I had this uncomfortable gas near my rectum and i wanted to pass it out. but my butt it was sealed shut with cotton swab & tape the gas just couldn't escape easily. It gave me an uncomfortable sudden sharp pain which made keep wanting to turn to try to release it, but i couldn't turn without help because i was too weak and dizzy.

Moaning in discomfort i keep saying im uncomfortable , there is gas trapped, it cant come out~ for a person feeling drowsy i think this is like the " drunk effect"  it messes with your emotional senses while it makes you are trying to fight the sleepiness. I started crying because I had no way of letting the gas out,  I cried over such a matter , its the side effects of the anaesthetic. Then after that I was thirsty, I wanted water BADLY ( like I have not had water in days feeling) . I wanted to gulp down water, but was told to sip a little just to wet my throat, if not i would puke. Already uncomfortable, i wouldnt want to add puke to the list, so i listened. Then a minute later I wanted to pee, as my bladder felt full. so I was supported to the toilet to try and pee. i squated, i really need to pee, but nothing came out, so i thought i should focus on telling myself  I NEED THE PEE OUT. Dint seem to work, tried making shhhhsssshhhh, dint work , on tap water  and drip my hand under cold water, nothing!

I was feeling sad I could not pee, so I thought maybe it was a false alarm, (Anaesthetic tend to make you unable to pee sometimes )

So i went back to bed, my stomach was SUPER BLOATED IT WAS SOLID HARD, I just keep having gas, made noise to buy medicated oil.

My bladder after an hour decided it was at its limits! I could not pee and was getting worried what is going on with me.

Thus i needed external help by a tube insertion if not my bladder would burst , even so i doubt it will know to work its muscle to pee. ( again hurts like mad,getting things stuffed a place where things are suppose to come out not go in)

successfully removed urine. Awaiting dinner time. I still suffered from stomach bloating, My anus on the other hand is leaking liquids/ blood/ medicine  and staining the hospital bed.

After 7 hours i still could not put liquid into my stomach without vomiting it out again. Needed to have some liquid pumped into my veins to control this action. 30 mins later, i am able to eat a little.

The stay in the hospital was quite pleasant. Nurses checked on me every 4 hours, made sure i did not get fever. Thank you everyone in the hospital for putting up with my screams/ whining >.<!!! For helping me go to toilet and for that nurse whom  i fell asleep on her arm  because my head was too heavy HAHA! Yes i'm drowsy but i am pretty sure my eyes were working, thus i remember.

Checked out of hospital 2nd day. Note I have not pooped.
Thinking  I would be recovering well since i am feeling a little better.
Hell came on day 3.

The total spending for this 1 night stay in hospital was Rm11k + additional Rm1k for post surgery check ups with the surgeon. Medical card covered my expenses.

I did my procedure by a colorectal surgeon from Sunway Medical Centre.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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Something trending ?

deskjob vs fieldjob

Read an article about a YUP ( young urban professional) online stating how he is fed up with his mundane 9-5 deskjob , 5 days a week.

Somehow reading it really pisses me off. 

In my opinion, being on both side of the boat before, currently i stand on the non 9-5 job. He is deemed lucky i shall say. Many people would want a steady income, to sit in a highly modern looking airconditioned building in a cubicle and exercise their fingers away for 8 hours. Then, go back & have their own personal time with family/ friends.

How good can life get? weekends is totally no work. 

Would one prefer a lifestyle of dressing casual, getting all sweaty  and smelly going out under the scorching sun with face sticking with dirt ? 

Would one wants to work more than 8 hours , work on weekends , have their offdays on a weekday when no one is off ?

Would one want to have no personal time and get bugged by customers after your work hour ( note: because they are only free to entertain you after their own work hours, which in turn eats into your personal time) 

Would one prefer to squeeze their brain juice everyday thinking of solutions to problems / just rather complete mundane task ?

I could say one thing, Humans are nvr satisfied having what they have until they have lost it. Just like how you would nvr realized how blessed you are  till you have suffered.

Surely both side of the boat has its pros and cons. Its just a matter of which you would prefer. By all means if they have seen the other side , most people would stick back to their deskjob than to jump into a zone of suffering although they may find their deskjob not challlenging.

Heck! thats why a job its called challenging for a reason, you are meant to SUFFER! 
if not, what's challenging then? 

Think about it.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


胤祥(寓意: 拥有金钱与权力。)
瑞霖(寓意: 吉祥的甘露。)
明哲(寓意: 拥有聪明的智慧。)
凯瑞(寓意: 吉祥 幸福 安康 )
健雄(寓意: 身体强健的男子汉。)
耀杰(寓意: 才能出众的英杰。)
潇然(寓意: 自然脱俗,潇洒大方。)
子涵(取自`子部京涵`寓意: 拥有光明的前途与博大的胸怀。)
越彬(寓意: 博学文雅,超越过去。)
智辉(寓意: 拥有辉煌的未来与智慧。)
致远 (出自诸葛亮的《诫子书》:“非淡泊无以明志,非宁静无以致远”)
雨泽 (恩惠像雨一样多)
烨磊 (光明磊落)
黎昕 (黎:黎明 昕:明亮的样子 )
旭尧 (旭:旭日 尧:上古时期的贤明君主,后泛指圣人 )
鸿涛 (鸿:旺盛,兴盛 )
伟祺 (伟:伟大 祺 :吉祥 )
荣轩 (轩:气度不凡 )
越泽 (泽:广博的水源)
浩宇 (胸怀犹如宇宙,浩瀚无穷)
瑾瑜 (出自成语――握瑾怀瑜,比喻拥有美好的品德)
皓轩 (意为:光明磊落,气宇轩昂)
擎苍 (顶天立地,男儿本色)(出自宋代诗人苏轼的《江城子`密州出猎》“…左牵黄,右擎苍…”)
志泽 (泽:广域的水源 )
子轩 (轩:气度不凡 )
睿渊 (睿智;学识渊博)
弘文 (弘扬;文:文学家)
哲瀚 (拥有广大的学问)
雨泽 (恩惠)
楷瑞 (楷:楷模;瑞:吉祥)
建辉 (建造辉煌成就)
晋鹏( 晋:进也,本义,上进 鹏:比喻前程远大 )
天磊 (磊:众石累积 )
绍辉( 绍:继承 辉:光辉 )
泽洋 (广阔的海洋 )
鑫磊 (鑫:财富 )
鹏煊 (煊:光明,读xuānn )
昊强 (昊:苍天,苍穹 )
伟宸 (宸:古代君王的代称 )
博超 (博:博大 超:超越 )
君浩 (君:君子 浩:浩大 )
子骞 (骞:高举,飞起 )
鹏涛 (鹏:比喻气势雄伟 )
炎彬 (炎:燃烧 彬:形容文雅 )
鹤轩 (鹤:闲云野鹤 轩:气度不凡 )
越彬 (彬:形容文雅 )
风华 (风华正茂 )
靖琪 (靖:平安 琪:美玉 )
明辉 (辉:光明 )
伟诚 (伟:伟大 诚:诚实 )
明轩 (轩:气度不凡 )
志泽 (泽:广域的水源 )
弘文 (弘扬,文:文学家)
峻熙 (峻:高大威猛;熙:前途一片光明)
嘉懿 (嘉:美好;懿:美好)
煜城 (照耀城市)
懿轩 (懿:美好;轩:气宇轩昂)
烨伟 (烨:光耀)
苑博 (博:博学)
伟泽 (伟:伟大 泽:广域的水源)
熠彤 (熠:光耀 彤:红色)
鸿煊 (鸿:大也 煊:光明)
博涛 (博:博学)
烨霖 (烨:光明)
烨华 (烨:光耀)
煜祺 (煜:照耀 祺:吉祥)
智宸 (智:智慧 宸:古代君王的代称)
正豪 (豪:豪气)
昊然 (昊:苍天,苍穹)
明杰 (明智,杰出)
立诚 (诚:诚实)
立轩 (轩:气度不凡)
立辉 (辉:辉煌)
峻熙 (峻:高大威猛;熙:前途一片光明)
弘文 (弘扬;文:文学家)
熠彤 熠:光耀 彤:红色
鸿煊 鸿:大也 煊:光明
烨霖 烨:光明
哲瀚 (拥有广大的学问)
鑫鹏 鑫:财富 鹏:比喻气势雄伟
昊天 思聪 展鹏 笑愚 志强 炫明 雪松 思源 智渊 思淼
晓啸 天宇 浩然 文轩 鹭洋 振家 乐驹 晓博 文博 昊焱
立果 金鑫 锦程 嘉熙 鹏飞 子默 思远 浩轩 语堂 聪健

艾琳(寓意: 像美玉一样气质高贵,美丽大方。)
妙涵(寓意: 拥有聪明的智慧与博大的胸怀。)
瑾萱(寓意: 拥有萱草的芬芳,玉一样的高贵与典雅。)
梦婷(取自`雨婷思梦`寓意: 雨中的婷,在憧憬着美好的未来。)
雪茹(寓意: 拥有美丽的容颜与如雪的肌肤。)
海玲(寓意: 大海的精灵。)
梦琪(寓意: 平安吉祥,拥有美好的未来。)
瑞欣(寓意: 吉祥如意,快乐安康。)

妍姗, 意思是:当画笔着色在宣纸中,重墨勾筋描络,牡丹妍艳,璎珞飘遥,画中人衣袂斑斓,青丝花容,妩媚袅娜。人中画中人,人自画中生。轻盈飘逸,似飞鸟掠过水面,此刻凝结的美好,如绝色牡丹,绽放在赏画人的心头。

梦琪、之雅、之桃、慕青、尔岚、初夏、沛菡、傲珊、曼文、乐菱、惜文、香寒、新柔、语蓉、海安、夜蓉、涵柏、水桃、醉蓝、语琴、从彤、傲晴、语兰、又菱、碧彤、元霜、怜梦、紫寒、妙彤、曼易、南莲、紫翠、雨寒、易烟、如萱、若南、寻真、晓亦、向珊、慕灵、以蕊、映易、雪柳、海云、凝天、沛珊、寒云、冰旋、宛儿、绿真、晓霜、碧凡、夏菡、曼香、若烟、半梦、雅绿、冰蓝、灵槐、平安、书翠、翠风、代云、梦曼、幼翠、听寒、梦柏、醉易、访旋、亦玉、凌萱、访卉、怀亦、笑蓝、靖柏、夜蕾、冰夏、梦松、书雪、乐枫、念薇、靖雁、从寒、觅波、静曼、凡旋、以亦、念露、芷蕾、千兰、新波、代真、新蕾、雁玉、冷卉、紫山、千琴、傲芙、盼山、怀蝶、冰兰、山柏、翠萱、问旋、白易、问筠、如霜、半芹、丹珍、冰彤、亦寒、之瑶、冰露、尔珍、谷雪、乐萱、涵菡、海莲、傲蕾、青槐、易梦、惜雪、宛海、之柔、夏青、亦瑶、妙菡、紫蓝、幻柏、元风、冰枫、访蕊、芷蕊、凡蕾、凡柔、安蕾、天荷、含玉、书兰、雅琴、书瑶、从安、夏槐、念芹、代曼、幻珊、谷丝、秋翠、白晴、海露、代荷、含玉、书蕾、听白、灵雁、雪青、乐瑶、含烟、涵双、平蝶、雅蕊、傲之、灵薇、含蕾、从梦、从蓉、初丹。听兰、听蓉、语芙、夏彤、凌瑶、忆翠、幻灵、怜菡、紫南、依珊、妙竹、访烟、怜蕾、映寒、友绿、冰萍、惜霜、凌香、芷蕾、雁卉、迎梦、元柏、代萱、紫真、千青、凌寒、紫安、寒安、怀蕊、秋荷、涵雁、以山、凡梅、盼曼、翠彤、谷冬、冷安、千萍、冰烟、雅阳、友绿、南松、诗云、飞风、寄灵、书芹、幼蓉、以蓝、笑寒、忆寒、秋烟、芷巧、水香、映之、醉波、幻莲、夜山、芷卉、向彤、小玉、幼南、凡梦、尔曼、念波、迎松、青寒、笑天、涵蕾、碧菡、映秋、盼烟、忆山、以寒、寒香、小凡、代亦、梦露、映波、友蕊、寄凡、怜蕾、雁枫、水绿、曼荷、笑珊、寒珊、谷南、慕儿、夏岚、友儿、小萱、紫青、妙菱、冬寒、曼柔、语蝶、青筠、夜安、觅海、问安、晓槐、雅山、访云、翠容、寒凡、晓绿、以菱、冬云、含玉、访枫、含卉、夜白、冷安、灵竹、醉薇、元珊、幻波、盼夏、元瑶、迎曼、水云、访琴、谷波、笑白、妙海、紫霜、凌旋、孤丝、怜寒、凡松、青丝、翠安、如天、凌雪、绮菱、代云、香薇、冬灵、凌珍、沛文、紫槐、幻柏、采文、雪旋、盼海、映梦、安雁、映容、凝阳、访风、天亦、觅风、小霜、雪萍、半雪、山柳、谷雪、靖易、白薇、梦菡、飞绿、如波、又晴、友易、香菱、冬亦、问雁、海冬、秋灵、凝芙、念烟、白山、从灵、尔芙、迎蓉、念寒、翠绿、翠芙、靖儿、妙柏、千凝、小珍、妙旋、雪枫、夏菡、绮琴、雨双、听枫、觅荷、凡之、晓凡、雅彤、孤风、从安、绮彤、之玉、雨珍、幻丝、代梅、青亦、元菱、海瑶、飞槐、听露、梦岚、幻竹、谷云、忆霜、水瑶、慕晴、秋双、雨真、觅珍、丹雪、元枫、思天、如松、妙晴、谷秋、妙松、晓夏、宛筠、碧琴、盼兰、小夏、安容、青曼、千儿、寻双、涵瑶、冷梅、秋柔、思菱、醉波、醉柳、以寒、迎夏、向雪、以丹、依凝、如柏、雁菱、凝竹、宛白、初柔、南蕾、书萱、梦槐、南琴、绿海、沛儿、晓瑶、凝蝶、紫雪、念双、念真、曼寒、凡霜、飞雪、雪兰、雅霜、从蓉、冷雪、靖巧、翠丝、觅翠、凡白、乐蓉、迎波、丹烟、梦旋、书双、念桃、夜天、安筠、觅柔、初南、秋蝶、千易、安露、诗蕊、山雁、友菱、香露、晓兰、白卉、语山、冷珍、秋翠、夏柳、如之、忆南、书易、翠桃、寄瑶、如曼、问柳、幻桃、又菡、醉蝶、亦绿、诗珊、听芹、新之、易巧、念云、晓灵、静枫、夏蓉、如南、幼丝、秋白、冰安、秋白、南风、醉山、初彤、凝海、紫文、凌晴、雅琴、傲安、傲之、初蝶、代芹、诗霜、碧灵、诗柳、夏柳、采白、慕梅、乐安、冬菱、紫安、宛凝、雨雪、易真、安荷、静竹、代柔、丹秋、绮梅、依白、凝荷、幼珊、忆彤、凌青、之桃、芷荷、听荷、代玉、念珍、梦菲、夜春、千秋、白秋、谷菱、飞松、初瑶、惜灵、梦易、新瑶、曼梅、碧曼、友瑶、雨兰、夜柳、芷珍、含芙、夜云、依萱、凝雁、以莲、安南、幼晴、尔琴、飞阳、白凡、沛萍、雪瑶、向卉、采文、乐珍、寒荷、觅双、白桃、安卉、迎曼、盼雁、乐松、涵山、问枫、以柳、含海、翠曼、忆梅、涵柳、海蓝、晓曼、代珊、忆丹、静芙、绮兰、梦安、紫丝、千雁、凝珍、香萱、梦容、冷雁、飞柏、天真、翠琴、寄真、秋荷、代珊、初雪、雅柏、怜容、如风、南露、紫易、冰凡、海雪、语蓉、碧玉、语风、凝梦、从雪、白枫、傲云、白梅、念露、慕凝、雅柔、盼柳、半青、从霜、怀柔、怜晴、夜蓉、代双、以南、若菱、芷文、南晴、梦寒、初翠、灵波、问夏、惜海、亦旋、沛芹、幼萱、白凝、初露、迎海、绮玉、凌香、寻芹、秋柳、尔白、映真、含雁、寒松、寻雪、青烟、问蕊、灵阳、雪巧、丹萱、凡双、孤萍、紫菱、寻凝、傲柏、傲儿、友容、灵枫、尔丝、曼凝、若蕊、问丝、思枫、水卉、问梅、念寒、诗双、翠霜、夜香、寒蕾、凡阳、冷玉、平彤、语薇、幻珊、紫夏、凌波、芷蝶、丹南、之双、凡波、思雁、白莲、从菡、如容、采柳、沛岚、惜儿、夜玉、水儿、半凡、语海、听莲、幻枫、念柏、冰珍、思山、凝蕊、天玉、思萱、向梦、笑南、夏旋、之槐、元灵、以彤、采萱、巧曼、绿兰、平蓝、问萍、绿蓉、靖柏。迎蕾、碧曼、思卉、白柏、妙菡、怜阳、雨柏、雁菡、梦之、又莲、乐荷、寒天、凝琴、书南、映天、白梦、初瑶、平露、含巧、慕蕊、半莲、醉卉、天菱、青雪、雅旋、巧荷、飞丹、若灵、尔云、幻天、诗兰、青梦、海菡、灵槐、忆秋、寒凝、凝芙、绮山、静白、尔蓉、尔冬、映萱、白筠、冰双、访彤、绿柏、夏云、笑翠、晓灵、含双、盼波、以云、怜翠、雁风、之卉、平松、问儿、绿柳、如蓉、曼容、天晴、丹琴、惜天、寻琴、依瑶、涵易、忆灵、从波、依柔、问兰、山晴、怜珊、之云、飞双、傲白、沛春、雨南、梦之、笑阳、代容、友琴、雁梅、友桃、从露、语柔、傲玉、觅夏、晓蓝、新晴、雨莲、凝旋、绿旋、幻香、觅双、冷亦、忆雪、友卉、幻翠、靖柔、寻菱、丹翠、安阳、雅寒、惜筠、尔安、雁易、飞瑶、夏兰、沛蓝、静丹、山芙、笑晴、新烟、笑旋、雁兰、凌翠、秋莲、书桃、傲松、语儿、映菡、初曼、听云、初夏、雅香、语雪、初珍、白安、冰薇、诗槐、冷玉、冰巧、之槐、夏寒、诗筠、新梅、白曼、安波、从阳、含桃、曼卉、笑萍、晓露、寻菡、沛白、平灵、水彤、安彤、涵易、乐巧、依风、紫南、亦丝、易蓉、紫萍、惜萱、诗蕾、寻绿、诗双、寻云、孤丹、谷蓝、山灵、幻丝、友梅、从云、雁丝、盼旋、幼旋、尔蓝、沛山、代丝、觅松、冰香、依玉、冰之、妙梦、以冬、曼青、冷菱、雪曼、安白、千亦、凌蝶、又夏、南烟。靖易、沛凝、翠梅、书文、雪卉、乐儿、傲丝、安青、初蝶、寄灵、惜寒、雨竹、冬莲、绮南、翠柏、平凡、亦玉、孤兰、秋珊、新筠、半芹、夏瑶、念文、晓丝、涵蕾、雁凡、谷兰、灵凡、凝云、曼云、丹彤、南霜、夜梦、从筠、雁芙、语蝶、依波、晓旋、念之、盼芙、曼安、采珊、初柳、迎天、曼安、南珍、妙芙、语柳、含莲、晓筠、夏山、尔容、念梦、傲南、问薇、雨灵、凝安、冰海、初珍、宛菡、冬卉、盼晴、冷荷、寄翠、幻梅、如凡、语梦、易梦、千柔、向露、梦玉、傲霜、依霜、灵松、诗桃、书蝶、冰蝶、山槐、以晴、友易、梦桃、香菱、孤云、水蓉、雅容、飞烟、雁荷、代芙、醉易、夏烟、依秋、依波、紫萱、涵易、忆之、幻巧、水风、安寒、白亦、怜雪、听南、念蕾、梦竹、千凡、寄琴、采波、元冬、思菱、平卉、笑柳、雪卉、谷梦、绿蝶、飞荷、平安、孤晴、芷荷、曼冬、尔槐、以旋、绿蕊、初夏、依丝、怜南、千山、雨安、水风、寄柔、幼枫、凡桃、新儿、夏波、雨琴、静槐、元槐、映阳、飞薇、小凝、映寒、傲菡、谷蕊、笑槐、飞兰、笑卉、迎荷、元冬、书竹、半烟、绮波、小之、觅露、夜雪、寒梦、尔风、白梅、雨旋、芷珊、山彤、尔柳、沛柔、灵萱、沛凝、白容、乐蓉、映安、依云、映冬、凡雁、梦秋、醉柳、梦凡、若云、元容、怀蕾、灵寒、天薇、白风、访波、亦凝、易绿、夜南、曼凡、亦巧、青易。冰真、白萱、友安、诗翠、雪珍、海之、小蕊、又琴、香彤、语梦、惜蕊、迎彤、沛白、雁山、易蓉、雪晴、诗珊、冰绿、半梅、笑容、沛凝、念瑶、如冬、向真、从蓉、亦云、向雁、尔蝶、冬易、丹亦、夏山、醉香、盼夏、孤菱、安莲、问凝、冬萱、晓山、雁蓉、梦蕊、山菡、南莲、飞双、凝丝、思萱、怀梦、雨梅、冷霜、向松、迎丝、迎梅、听双、山蝶、夜梅、醉冬、雨筠、平文、青文、半蕾、幼菱、寻梅、含之、香之、含蕊、亦玉、靖荷、碧萱、寒云、向南、书雁、怀薇、思菱、忆文、若山、向秋、凡白、绮烟、从蕾、天曼、又亦、依琴、曼彤、沛槐、又槐、元绿、安珊、夏之、易槐、宛亦、白翠、丹云、问寒、易文、傲易、青旋、思真、妙之、半双、若翠、初兰、怀曼、惜萍、初之、宛丝、幻儿、千风、天蓉、雅青、寄文、代天、惜珊、向薇、冬灵、惜芹、凌青、谷芹、雁桃、映雁、书兰、寄风、访烟、绮晴、傲柔、寄容、以珊、紫雪、芷容、书琴、寻桃、涵阳、怀寒、易云、采蓝、代秋、惜梦、尔烟、谷槐、怀莲、涵菱、水蓝、访冬、半兰、又柔、冬卉、安双、冰岚、香薇、语芹、静珊、幻露、访天、静柏、凌丝、小翠、雁卉、访文、凌文、芷云、思柔、巧凡、慕山、依云、千柳、从凝、安梦、香旋、映天、安柏、平萱、以筠、忆曼、新竹、绮露、觅儿、碧蓉、白竹、飞兰、曼雁、雁露、凝冬、含灵、初阳、海秋、冰双、绿兰、盼易、思松、梦山、友灵、绿竹、灵安、凌柏、秋柔、又蓝、尔竹、天蓝、青枫、问芙、语海、灵珊、凝丹、小蕾、迎夏、水之、飞珍、冰夏、亦竹、飞莲、海白、元蝶、芷天、怀绿、尔容、元芹、若云、寒烟、听筠、采梦、凝莲、元彤、觅山、代桃、冷之、盼秋、秋寒、慕蕊、海亦、初晴、巧蕊、听安、芷雪、以松、梦槐、寒梅、香岚、寄柔、映冬、孤容、晓蕾、安萱、听枫、夜绿、雪莲、从丹、碧蓉、绮琴、雨文、幼荷、青柏、初蓝、忆安、盼晴、寻冬、雪珊、梦寒、迎南、如彤、采枫、若雁、翠阳、沛容、幻翠、山兰、芷波、雪瑶、寄云、慕卉、冷松、涵梅、书白、乐天、雁卉、宛秋、傲旋、新之、凡儿、夏真、静枫、乐双、白玉、问玉、寄松、丹蝶、元瑶、冰蝶、访曼、代灵、芷烟、白易、尔阳、怜烟、平卉、丹寒、访梦、绿凝、冰菱、语蕊、思烟、忆枫、映菱、凌兰、曼岚、若枫、傲薇、凡灵、乐蕊、秋灵、谷槐、觅云  。

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  第三周到一个月,这时候,该排的已经排完,主要吃麻油鸡补身体。千万记得,排完毒素后吃麻油鸡才能被身体吸收,否则堆积在身体里,成为多余的脂肪。 因为前期身体虚弱,中医讲虚不受补,吃了吸收不了,只会加重身体的负担。
  2、 同时,坐月子期间,不能吹风,着凉。


knowing your body type and lose weight the right way!

Nibble like a rabbit but still can’t control your size? Or eat like an elephant but remain stick-thin? Here’s why...
EVERYONE knows at least one person like that – the ones who eat like there’s no tomorrow, yet maintain their petite shape.
Conversely, there will be some who barely eat, restricting themselves to one main meal a day, yet still change (bigger!) dress sizes with each passing year.
Why do some people seem immune to weight gain, whereas others have trouble just maintaining their normal weight?
Forget food choices, lifestyle, even the amount of food eaten. The secret lies in our Body Types.
Our Body Types are actually our type of metabolism. The way the body metabolises food determines the spots where you are most likely to put on weight, your energy patterns, even your food cravings (which makes you eat more and put on more weight!)
Knowing your Body Type will help you understand your metabolism better and develop strategies to successfully keep your weight down.
Body Type is determined by the domineering gland in your body. Women can be Thyroid Types, Adrenal Types, Gonadal Types or Pituitary Types, whereas men have only three body types - Thyroid Types, Adrenal Types or Pituitary Types – because the Adrenal and Gonadal Types are combined in men.
Here is an outline of the Body Types:
Thyroid (T-Type)
If your dominant gland is the thyroid, you will tend to have long limbs, a high waist, fine bone structure, an oval or long face. Many dancers and models belong to this body type.
Danger spots for weight gain in T-Types are between the shoulders and knees, including the thighs, upper hips, and round waist. T-Type people tend to crave sweets, starches, caffeine, nicotine and artificial sweeteners, and may miss meals.
As a result, their energy levels tend to be erratic, with sudden highs when there is a sugar rush, and crashing into depression or irritability when tired or stressed.
Generally speaking, thyroid types do not gain weight easily and have a very high metabolic rate. Of all the body types, they are least likely to develop cellulite, and if it does occur, it is on the buttocks and back of the thighs.
Adrenal (A-Type)
The adrenal gland is dominant in people with a muscular body shape, who tend to be bigger above the waist.
In women, this includes having larger breasts and slim hips, while in men, this is manifested as the coveted V-shape.
Android types have an anabolic metabolism, which means that they tend to be “body-building” and will gain weight in the upper part of their body so that they may become apple-shaped.
Most of their weight gain occurs on the front of the abdomen. They build muscle mass easily and make good athletes. They tend to produce more male hormones than do the other body types.
The danger spots for A-Types are mostly above the waist, such as the upper back, breasts or stomach, although the hips and legs remain nice and shapely.
A-Types tend to crave salty foods, high-fat foods (such as fast foods) and alcohol, and are usually able to maintain steady energy levels all day, tapering off only at nightfall.
Personality-wise, A-Types are friendly and outgoing, with an even temper that can get explosive when provoked.
Gonadal (G-Type)
The gonads or ovaries are the dominant gland in G-Types, which is why it is more common among women.
G-Types tend to have a pear-shaped body shape with slender upper bodies. Weight gain occurs only on the lower buttocks and thighs and gives a very feminine and curvy shape.
Many G-Types will have a big problem with cellulite accumulating around the upper thighs and buttocks. If they try to lose weight with just any old low-fat low-calorie diet, it can be quite frustrating because weight will tend to come off easily from areas where there is not a problem, while the buttocks and thighs retain their cellulite and fatty deposits.
They often have a hormonal imbalance called “oestrogen dominance”, which means that there is too much oestrogen compared to progesterone.
G-Type people tend to crave rich, creamy and spicy food. They are known to have strong energy fields that keep them going even when physically tired, which makes G-Types people warm and nurturing.
Caring and emphatic, G-Types put themselves at risk of stress and exhaustion when they frequently put others ahead of themselves.
Pituitary (P-Type)
P-Type people have dominant pituitary glands, which makes them look petite and youthful all the time.
The only danger is that their weight gain would be distributed throughout the body, resulting in a “cuddly baby doll” appearance.
Their characteristics even extend to their food choices, as they tend to crave dairy foods and sweets. Weight gain occurs very easily because the P-Types have a very low metabolic rate.
They also have a dysfunctional lymphatic system, resulting in generalised fluid retention, which makes them look fatter than they are. They are prone to deposits of fat swollen with lymphatic fluid, which can cause severe cellulite. This type of cellulite gives them thick puffy limbs so that it is hard to see their bone structure.
Often sunny and cheerful morning people, P-Type people are idealistic and intelligent. As their energy levels taper off after dusk, they prefer to stay indoors and chill with close friends instead of clubbing or socialising outside.
Cravings and body types
What exactly is the connection between Body Types and food cravings? The answer is simple – your dominant gland relies on those foods for energy boosts. When you are feeling tired, stressed or upset, your first response would be to seek those foods that will give your dominant gland a jumpstart.
The problem is that most of these foods are high in fat and cholesterol, which do not help in weight management. Throw in a sedentary lifestyle, and you would spend a lifetime battling against obesity and excess weight!
As everyone has a different Body Type, it only makes sense that everyone needs a different diet plan. When you know your Body Type and the gland that is turning your life upside down, your doctor will then be able to customise a diet plan for you.
Thyroid Type: The diet that makes them healthy and slim: Mostly fish and poultry, protein with every meal, plus vegetables, and not too much carbs.
Adrenal Type: The diet that makes them healthy and slim: Mostly vegetarian, low in red meats and fats.
Gonadal Type: The diet that makes them healthy and slim: Mostly vegetarian, low in spicy foods that stimulate the food cravings.
Pituitary Type: The diet that makes them healthy and slim: High purine protein, high in red meats and fats, minimal carbs.
Knowing your Body Type means knowing something important about yourself. When you know your Body Type, you can target your trouble spots, lose weight, eliminate food cravings and boost your energy.
The first action would be to control your food cravings. This is done by avoiding the very foods that you crave, so that the weaker glands can catch up in strength with your dominant gland. At the same time, foods that stimulate the less-dominant glands are increased to strengthen them.
Besides assessing your Body Type from your body shape, you can also do hormonal and DNA genetic profiling to confirm the diagnosis. These scientific measurements, coupled with the right supplements and exercise regime, will help you get your dream body shape, without trial and error!
Datuk Dr Nor Ashikin Mokhtar is a consultant obstetrician & gynaecologist (FRCOG, UK). For further information, visit The information provided is for educational and communication purposes only and it should not be construed as personal medical advice. Information published in this article is not intended to replace, supplant or augment a consultation with a health professional regarding the reader’s own medical care. The Star does not give any warranty on accuracy, completeness, functionality, usefulness or other assurances as to the content appearing in this column. The Star disclaims all responsibility for any losses, damage to property or personal injury suffered directly or indirectly from reliance on such information.

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